MARLiN2 schwarzMARLiN2 1 s mit MARLiN Logo (Custom)  - Great ideas on small space. A very effienct 8:1 pulley system in a compact design. A lot of thinking, testing and engineering went into the second generation MARLiN.

Let us start close to the tree. The tree side features a bow shackle which also creates an axis for M2B, the redirecting ball bearings and the splice mount. The bow shackle allows a variety of connecting slings and connection angles. The rope has a spliced loop end to achieve high breaking strength and a slim profile to fit in between the sourrounding rope layers and M2B.

M2B is a completely new braking device with great performance. If you pull on the rope the bow opens and the rope loses its contact to the camming surfaces. It is then only guided by ball bearings. This gives you excellent efficiency and close to none wear on the camming surfaces. Once you stop pulling on the rope the bow closes under the force of the rope pulling on the bow and blocks the rope securely in place.

Also the second important task: a safe tension release is a well-thought out part of M2B. It features the Release-Pulley-System together with M2L. Through added friction on two diverters and pulley like redirection of the rope the force needed by your hand to hold the rope while releasing tension decreases drastically. This gives you the full control for safe tension release.

Furthermore there is a Safety-Release-Stop designed in the release handle and bow  which lets M2B block if you pull too far on the release handle to prevent unwanted tension loss. To give you maximum comfort while releasing the release handle works in both directions. Pulling and pushing. Also the Safety-Release-Stop supports you whether you pull or push the realease handle. For nice packing measurements the release handle has a low profile storage position, which makes MARLiN even more packable.

While M2L is also available as standalone webbing locker it can be fully integrated into MARLiN. It gives you a straight connection between your pulley and the webbing. No extra parts needed to connect your webbing. Read more about all the fine details at the M2L product page.

Watch the video to see the MARLiN-Set doing its job.

 Key Features:

Light & Compact   | MARLiN fits in every bag. Whether you are traveling the world or going for the 2h afterwork meditation slack.
Easy to use | Well thought out functionality for each component and the unit: Release Pulley System, Safety-Release-Stop, M2L integration, ...
Handmade & Tested | Every MARLiN is checked for correct assembly and functionality. 
Safe to use | Safety is a big issue. Before weight and costs there was always the: ´is it safe to use question?´ in the development process.
Connectivity | Straight Connection to the anchor point and the webbing with M2L and the bow shackle.
Value | projectMARliN tries hard to garantuee a high value for your money. Not only on the product and price side of things also with personal advice and custom solutions.