M2M1 s (Custom)M2M – Simply the best of its kind. A multiplier that extends the theoretical mechanical advantage of MARLiN to 24:1 instead of 8:1.
A reliable locking mechanism, which is gentle to the rope and gives to the possibility to slide it easily along the rope as soon as there is no load on M2M.
The front plate rotates open for comfortable rope insertion and the when rotated to close the ball lock indicates you visually and acoustically that M2M is properly closed.
The large center hole gives you a variety of options. Attach a remote control cord with a carabiner when M2M is difficult to reach. Attach a reset cord for automatic resetting M2M to get ready faster for the next pull. Use the center hole to attach M2M to MARLiN while not in use.
The rope is redirected via an efficient ball bearing. M2M is engineered as one part so there is nothing to lose . Try it and be happy using it.

Watch the video to see M2M doing its job.

Key Features:

Cam-Lock | Locks the rope gently but safe. Enables easy sliding of M2M on the rope, while not being loaded
Bearing Based Redirection  
| An efficient Ball Bearing keeps the mechanical advantage gained through M2M high and makes the rigging job much more efficient
Ball-Indicator | Gives you visual and acoustic feedback, that M2M is closed properly and holds the rotating sideplate in place
Center Hole | Securly locks the main diverter and prevents rotation under load