M2L  - M2L 1 s (Custom) The well thought linelock is also available by itself. For an easy connection M2L comes with a Dyneema-Connector-Sling. Get yourself a shackle, a spanset, tree protection and a healthy tree and your anchor point is ready to go.

It is possible to pretension the webbing with M2L which saves you a lots of rigging hassles and maximes the tensioning distance of MARLiN.

To save weight the main diverter is made of high-strength POM. This allows low weight, smooth pretensioning, and, due to its 20mm diameter, solid locking of the webbing. Furthermore there is a built-in rotation lock. This prevents rotation of the main diverter under heavy loads.

The locking pin connects the body with a sturdy stainless steel wire. This does not twist or tangle up while still being flexible. The frontal pin opening makes the setup process comfortable and works great in every position. Upside down, with cold fingers, your weak hand or gloves.

Watch the video to see the M2L doing its job.

 Key Features:

Pretensioning | Maximize the rigging distance of MARLiN
One-Piece Construction    | No parts to lose.
Rotation Lock | Securly locks the main diverter and prevents rotation under load
Dyneema Connector Sling | Variaty of attachment possibilities. Made out of high strength, lightweight Dyneema.
Locking Pin Connection | Durably attached. No twisting or tangling while setting up.